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A platform offering curriculum, workshops and events focused on personal healing.

Upcoming Events


“Witness HER Wake”

Saltspring Photofest Opening Night
June 13-24, 2019


Brigid’s work will be featured for eleven days at the Mateada in downtown Ganges, as part of the annual Saltspring Photofest. She will have cards for sale with her photography on them, as well.

Come check out the beautiful space!

WildHeart: the BreakThrough
June 14-17, 2019

Under the Full Moon of June, we gather for a four day journey. Together, as women, we enter this threshold experience with the intention to breakthrough into the next level of our lives. Trekking 47kms along the ancient coastline of Pacheedaht territory, grounding into the Earth with each step, following root systems and tides, while surrendering to the natural cycles - within and without. Here, we reconnect to our higherselves, sitting in circle as women, allowing the lunar light to infuse us - igniting the wisdom we have always carried.

our offerings


this work is grounded in balancing the feminine and masculine energies within, cultivating intimacy with the primal forces around us, while exploring the creative power of eros as we reconnect our elemental body to spirit and ancestral lines.


we are passionate about supporting others in remembering who they are, where they come from and why they are here. it is our mission to imprint the collective unconscious with beauty that ignites memory of the magic we are all deeply rooted in.