For the greater part of her life, Brigid has turned to the depths of Nature, inner and outer, as the master teacher for her journey of healing trauma and fear.

She honours her connection to the elements as her primary relationship and this bond has led her to studies and trainings in Anthroposophy, Herbal Medicine, Leadership Programs, Intimacy Education, Ecstatic Dance (DOWH), and Somatic Sex Education. She sees all of these as inherently connected and intricately woven into the tapestry of Her life.

Brigid’s presence, deep listening, and curiosity creates a safe container for others to reveal and explore themselves, authentically. In shared space, others feel naturally guided to their edge, realizing the invitation to dive into their depths and reconnect with the wild, ancient parts of self; the place of power.

Whether she is crafting adventure, photography, or poetry, her journeys are held with intention: to return us to a place of connection with this great earth and her elements.

Her living prayer is that all beings wake to the simple remembrance, that we are an elemental body rooted deeply in magic.




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