WILDHEART: The Breakthrough


Under the Full Moon of June, in this year of 2019, we gather for a four day journey on the Southern Tip of Vancouver Island, BC.

Together, as women, we enter this threshold experience with the intention to breakthrough into the next level of our lives.

Trekking along the ancient coastline of Pacheedaht territory, grounding into the Earth with each step, following root systems and tides, while surrendering to the natural cycles - within and without. Here, we reconnect to our higherselves, sit in circle as women, allowing the lunar light to infuse us - igniting the wisdom we have always carried.

The landscape will teach us what elements to call upon when we come face to face with challenges, muddy patches, stories that have kept us small, dark valleys, high peaks, fears of breaking through to our potential. All of you is welcome here and will be held in a safe container of fellow women who are on this journey with you.

Together, we walk - in solidarity - for those who have come before us and those who come after us.

As we travel to the depths of Gaia, we break the silence and carve a fresh path, weave new stories, build stronger trust in our instinct and intuition, and strengthen our connection to the primal forces around us.

Who this is for?

  • You have been feeling ready for your next big leap but having fears of the unknown or entering that new space of potential

  • You’ve taken on the lone wolf mentality

  • You come up against scarcity mindset, not enoughness, as you move towards your dreams

  • You have been having a challenging time of letting go of something

We will:

  • Sit in circle, together as women - witnessing each other in our stories, mirroring to one another, realize our interconnectedness.

  • Do dyad work together, building trust and allyship

  • Share our natural gifts with one another, shifting awareness to abundance

  • Weave ritual throughout our more Yin times to balance out the Yang of our trek


  • Greater Trust in the Journey and the Self

  • Feeling supported in a team, building a strong web of allies on the path

  • An understanding of how wealthy we are when we share our natural gifts as a community

  • Feeling clear in what you are leaving behind and what you are carrying forth as your cross into this next segment of Life


    Silding Scale of $222-$333

    Payment Plans and Energy Exchange available; please inquire.

  • When we journey together in this way, we are able to see the bigger picture of the work we are doing.

On the New Moon, Sunday June 3rd at 5pm, we will have our first convergence as a team, in a Zoom Call with Grandmother Kaariina who will witness our intentions for this Breakthrough experience we are being called to.

On our opening day of the trek, Friday June 14th, we will be welcomed to the territory by a Pacheedaht elder, and circled up with gray haired ones from our local community before we are sent out in a good way.

On the otherside of this journey, Monday June 17th, we will be received at the 0km by a circle as well, for integration.

And a dance party - to celebrate. Because YOU are amazing and deserve to be celebrated!

If you feel called to this, please do get in touch and let us find a way to make this happen for you.

brigid@moonriseproject.com | (250) 634-8477